Archive: September, 2013

Google’s redesigned tab page annoys some Chrome users

Google last week started rolling out a redesigned new tab page for Chrome, making good on a promise from last month when it offered the revamp to users running rougher-edged versions of its browser. Check out from Most users gave the new look a failing grade. “Fail, fail, fail,” said Philip Wright, one of […]

7 Really Simple Tips To Manage Your Files And Folders On Google Drive

Sometimes it is easy to disregard something that’s available and accessible for free. Google Drive fits that bill. Check out this article from It’s there connected like a relationship to whatever we do with Google. Just like a relationship, we don’t realize its value till we really make the effort to get close and […]

6 Unexpected Ways To Use Social Networks To Increase Your Productivity

Has your boss moved your desk a bit closer to his office? Check out this interesting article from Yeah, he knows you are Facebooking on the job. However, don’t let him tell IT to shut it down just yet. You can use these networks as a means to make your work life just a […]

How To Make Sure Your Fans Know Your Facebook Page Is Real

How do you prove to your Facebook fans that you are who you say you are? Have you been thinking about verified Pages? Here’s what you need to know from Many businesses have started Facebook Pages, yet have no idea how to prove the Facebook Page is legitimately connected to them. Even worse, some […]

Hack of iPhone 5s fingerprint authentication is irrelevant

The iPhone 5s officially launched last Friday, but already a group of hackers has successfully cracked the fingerprint authentication. Check this news from In spite of the hype surrounding this news, though, the hack of Touch ID idoesn’t change the fact that the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s is the best thing that’s […]

The New My Yahoo Gets A New Design To Emerge As An iGoogle Alternative

Yahoo isn’t putting on the stops in its efforts to personalize the user experience for you. In the latest move, it has dusted off My Yahoo and given the personal start page a fresh look. Check it more from The new design is a refreshing change from its static avatar of recent times. The […]

Gmail hit by message delivery delays, close to 50 percent of users affected

A bug bit Gmail Monday and almost half of the webmail service’s users are experiencing email delivery delays and problems downloading attachments. Were you affected with this bug? Check on this article from Google first acknowledged the problem shortly before 7:30 a.m. PDT and has been wrestling with it ever since, according to information […]

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