Archive: October, 2013

Twitter puts photos “front and center” on mobile

Twitter timelines are pretty basic and heavy on the text. That changes now. Check it from The microblogging network updated its mobile site and iOS and Android apps on Tuesday so photos and videos are in your face—or at least in your timeline. Before the update, Twitter’s apps buried photos and videos behind a […]

Half-caffs and hotspots: How to work productively from cafes and public spaces

Caffeine and free Wi-Fi are a potent recipe for productivity. It’s what lures you and many other telecommuters to spend serious work time in convenient coffee shops. But whether you’re just getting out of the office or the sidewalk café is your office, working in a public space has some special challenges. These tips will […]

Yay For Choice: 10 Excellent Unofficial Social Apps You Should Be Using

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest: they all offer official Android apps – but are those really the best mobile experience out there? Many users say no. Good thing there are so many unofficial clients. Check out this article from It doesn’t matter if your favorite social network is Facebook or Twitter, Reddit or Pinterest – there’s […]

How to quickly recover lost form data in your browser

This is an update of a browser extension I last wrote about a couple years back. It’s too good not to revisit every so often. Check out from this article on Just the other day, this happened: After writing a fairly lengthy post in a browser-based blog tool, I hit the Backspace key to […]

Does the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Increase The Chance of Theft?

The iPhone’s new fingerprint sensor seems like a great way to use biometrics to keep the device secure and personal, but could the feature be used against the owner to circumvent existing protections? Check more on this article from According to one YouTube video, the answer is “yes” – but there’s a bit more […]

The Windows world already has a few iPad Airs of its own

With the introduction of the iPad Air, Apple has changed the game once again. “Thinness” is the watchword now, and every upcoming tablet will be compared against Apple’s thinner, lighter tablets to see if they measure up. Check out from for more info. The thing is, several recently announced Windows tablets do measure up. […]

Blackberry sees 10 million BBM downloads in 24 hours

Blackberry says its new app that opens up the proprietary BBM messaging platform to Android and Apple users was downloaded 10 million times in just over its first 24 hours of availability. Check out this article from The free app was launched Monday morning. Using it, people with Android and iOS can exchange messages […]

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