Archive: November, 2013

The Five Types Of Social Media Complainers

Managing a social media account is not easy. Take it from us: we manage a Facebook account with over 240,000 fans, a Twitter account with close to 70,000 followers, and a Google Plus account with over 50,000 circlers. Check out this article from We get bombarded with some of the most absurd requests, questions […]

How to keep your mobile devices safe this holiday season

‘Tis the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature is stirring, not even your phone. Wait. What? Where’s your phone? Check out this article from Oh, it’s in your pants. Nope. Then it must be in your coat. Nope (panic begins to set in). In the bathroom? Nope. Under the […]

Social media use climbs; one-fifth of the world joins in

About one in five people around the globe use a social networking site at least once a month, and that number is expected to grow significantly over the next several years. Check this article from About 1.61 billion people will use a social networking site, such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram or Twitter, this month, […]

How to find free Wi-Fi during your holiday travels

A public Wi-Fi access point is like a public restroom. All kinds of businesses along travel routes offer restrooms to bring in customers. They offer free Wi-Fi for the same reason. The fact is, finding Wi-Fi on the road has become a lot easier over the past ten years. You just have to know where to […]

6 Ways To Get Busy People To Answer Your Emails

When you walk by someone on the street and say hi, how does it make you feel when they don’t say a hi back? It’s amazing how small a lack of acknowledgement can make a person feel, but it’s also amazing just how much you can do to encourage a response. The same is true […]

So Your iPhone Was Lost or Stolen: Here’s What To Do

If your iPhone is no longer in your possession, you might never see it again and the last thing you want to worry about is data security. Here’s what you need to do. Check this article from Data theft can be just as damaging (if not more so) than losing a very expensive gadget. […]

Stop the Shockwave Flash Chrome crash

You almost certainly have two versions of Flash running at the same time. They tend to trip over each other. I know; I’ve suffered from that same problem myself. Check out this helpful article from Here’s the problem: Chrome comes with its own version of Flash. In addition, you may have another Flash installation, […]

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