Archive: February, 2014

Samsung preferred for Android business use

More than half of Android devices being used in the enterprise are made by Samsung, according to a report from mobile device management company Fiberlink that surveyed more than 250,000 devices worldwide. Check out why from this article on Fiberlink, which is owned by IBM, pulled device information from users of its MDM products […]

Google now listens for your voice in Chrome beta

Google has added hands-free Voice Search in a new Chrome beta, steadily bringing Android-like features to its desktop browser. Check on this article from In the Chrome beta build, all users need to do is open a new tab or visit, say “Ok Google,” and then start speaking a search query. The software […]

New In The Feed: Facebook Pages Now Display Other Pages That Tag Them

Facebook Pages just got more interactive. In a discovery-boosting measure, your Facebook feed will now display another Page if it tags a Page you are following. The new “stranger” Page will be displayed even if you are not following it. It’s a behavior that is just like the way friends are tagged in each others […]

Gmail logjam created by misbehaving junk filter

Google has been scrambling for more than 24 hours to unclog a queue of messages sent to Gmail users that its Postini email filter incorrectly labeled as spam and quarantined. Check this article from The company logged the problem shortly after 9 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time Wednesday on its Apps Status page. In the […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro review: Android’s bid to replace Windows in the office

Spending $750 for an Android tablet seems exorbitant. But the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro offers a larger screen, excellent battery life, and access to the Android and Samsung app stores. Check on this article from When one considers the wealth of inexpensive Android tablets available, the idea of paying $750 for a 12-inch Android […]

On A Good Note: 4 Types Of Emails You Could Write To Start Your Day

Reading inspirational quotes, visualizing a successful day, and repeating a set of affirmations are some of the ways people choose to guarantee an optimistic start to their day. Have you considered that sending out an email can work equally well? Get some info from this article on While social networking websites draw you in […]

How To Investigate Why Your Website Lost So Much Search Traffic

What would you say if I told you that your current salary is going to be cut in half. What if I didn’t even bother telling you why? Check on this article from Well, that’s exactly what happens when website owners get hit with one Google search algorithm update or another. You’ll be rolling […]

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