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How To Restore a Deleted Recovery Partition in Windows 8

For 12 months I was surprisingly productive using a Microsoft Surface Pro. Except that 128 GB of storage is not nearly enough to run all the apps required to get work done and the couple of strategy games needed to relax. With limited onboard storage and maxed out cloud storage, I decided to delete the recovery […]

How to send Gmail attachments to Dropbox automatically

One of the pitfalls of Gmail’s generous storage limits is the temptation to use it as a warehouse for all your email attachments. That seems like less of a good idea when you have to wade through your inbox for that report you need for the weekly all-hands in 15 minutes. But processing the daily […]

Get Office, Dropbox, and your photos to work together on your iPad

If you’re using the current versions of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on your iPad (but not, unfortunately, OneNote), you can easily open a file that’s residing on your PC—assuming it’s stored in your PC’s Dropbox or OneDrive folder. Once you’ve set it up, your online storage service of choice is just one of the locations in […]

Everything You Need to Know about Your Mac’s Dock

The dock is to OS X what the Start menu is to Windows (though that comparison worked a lot better four years ago). It’s the primary way many users interact with Mac OS X, but a lot of people still don’t know some of the most basic and useful things the dock is capable of. Check out this article from […]

Trap Your Best Thoughts with 10 Note-Taking Chrome Extensions

70,000 thoughts per day is an awful lot. It could be a myth, but there’s no denying that we have an awful lot of thoughts per day. Check this out from Random thoughts — sometimes totally unrelated to the job we are on — is our nature. Some of them are atoms worth following for […]

Google’s new Android for Work locks down business data on your personal phone

Almost a year after tipping its hand at Google I/O 2014, Google announced Android for Work, a way to lock down sensitive business data on personal Android phones owned by employees—using versions of Android either old or new. More information from Google said it would deploy Android for Work in not one but two […]

Bloatware: Why computer makers fill your PC with junk, and how to get rid of it

Bloatware, crapware, shovelware: No matter what you call it, the junk that PC makers dump onto new PCs is nothing short of a mess. The situation was thrust into the spotlight last week when it was revealed that several Lenovo PCs were preloaded with “Superfish” adware that actively left users vulnerable to attack. The software […]

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