Archive: April, 2015

Anonymous social app Secret shuts down

Secret, an app for anonymous posts that initially attracted buzz but drew criticism after a redesign, is shutting down. Check this article from The company, also named Secret, formally launched its app last year and is said to have raised between $33 million and $35 million in funding. “After a lot of thought and […]

Are App Stores Really Safe? How Smartphone Malware Is Filtered Out

Do you have malware on your phone? Unless you’ve rooted or jailbroken your device, the answer is probably no. Smartphone viruses are real, but app stores do a pretty good job of filtering them out. Get some ideas from this article on Of course, no process is perfect. Stuff has gotten through, which we’ll […]

Which Smart Hub for Home Automation Is Best for You?

Smart homes are on the up and up. For a while, people thought of the idea as nothing more than a gimmick – some people still think that way – but recent product releases have shown that smart home automation is starting to live up to its promises. More information from There are smart […]

Microsoft Windows 10 build 10074 tightens Cortana integration, adds Aero Glass

Microsoft’s latest preview of Windows 10 may add a blast from the past: Aero Glass, the beloved transparency feature that originated in Windows 7. In addition, Cortana has been more tightly integrated, and the Continuum exprience has been improved, Microsoft said. Check this article from The new build will be available to subscribers in […]

How to turn on data compression in Chrome on your phone or tablet

Chrome for Android can save you precious mobile data if you turn on its data compression feature. Get some tips from It routes your web browsing through Google’s proxy servers, which will feed you smaller, more compressed images and other bits of data than the traditional route. Google says going through its own pipes is […]

How to Make Your Social Media Profile Picture Impress For a Job Search

At this point in time, you just have to accept that when you apply for a job, there’s a good chance that the place at which you want to work is going to look you up on social media. There’s a wealth of information readily available on most people, and employers would be missing a golden […]

How to Make Google Calendar Collaboration Even Smarter

Recently, I wrote about the concept of cutting the cord with Google, and why you would want to. But there are those who are firmly tied to services such as Google Calendar, and who do not want to let it go. That’s perfectly fine, and each to their own. Everyone has different needs and requirements. […]

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