Archive: June, 2015

Samsung will stop blocking Microsoft software updates ‘within a few days’

Owners of Samsung PCs will begin receiving automatic software updates from Microsoft again soon, after Samsung said it will end its practice of blocking automatic Windows Updates on its computers. Check this article from “We will be issuing a patch through the Samsung Software Update notification process to revert back to the recommended automatic […]

10 Essential Windows Habits You Should Cultivate

Habits. We all have them. But are they good or bad? Check this article from Do you have the habit of NOT saving your files in multiple places or cleaning out all the old stuff? What about those update reminders, do you have the habit of ignoring them? Good habits can sound like common […]

Disney gets sick of selfie sticks, bans them from its parks

The next time you pack up the car and head to Disneyland, you’ll want to leave the selfie stick behind. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Disney will ban selfie sticks from its theme parks over the coming days. Check this article news from The ban goes into effect at Walt Disney World and Disneyland on June […]

Yahoo spruces up mobile search with related content

Yahoo is updating its search service on mobile devices, taking a leaf out of Google’s book and highlighting content such as images, videos and reviews ahead of regular search results. Check this article from The changes, announced Thursday, apply to Yahoo search on the mobile web in the U.S., in browsers such as Safari […]

97 Percent of Company Mobile Apps Are Insecure

Mobile apps for consumers have been criticized for gathering more information from users’ devices than they need. It seems, however, that mobile apps from companies fare no better. More information from Ninety-seven percent of some 2,000 mobile apps produced by 600 companies accessed at least one private information source on the device they were […]

Supercharge Your Google Forms and Get More out of Them

One of Google’s most under-appreciated features is perhaps Google Forms, tucked away in the corner of Google Drive where nobody can see it. But you shouldn’t ignore it because the humble Google Forms has loads of uses. Chec out this article from From email newsletters to surveys to event registrations, Google Forms gives you a […]

New build 10149 of Windows 10 Mobile updates browser, adds flashlight

Microsoft offered a new version of Windows 10 Mobile to the earliest adopters in the Windows Insider Program on Thursday, accelerating the release of new beta versions of its mobile operating system. Check this article from Build 10149 offers a number of improvements for people brave enough to install it on their devices, including […]

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