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Quick Guide to Windows 10 for Windows 8 Users

Windows 10 is just around the corner and if you’re running Windows 8 you will be able to upgrade for free on July 29. Let’s take a look at what the big changes are. More information from Windows 8 wasn’t well received when it launched, facing criticism for being too focused on touch devices. But with the newest, […]

Microsoft fixes crash-bug in Windows 10 just days before launch

Microsoft appears to have patched a bug in Windows 10 that caused a key part of the OS to crash for some testers just two days before launch. Check this article from The bug caused Windows Explorer to crash when users tried to remove an application or disable an enabled network interface using the […]

How to use Microsoft Edge, Windows 10’s new browser

Microsoft’s Edge aspires to be your browser for the modern Web, the board on which you surf the Internet within Windows 10. It’s certainly functional. But how do you use it effectively? We can show you. Check this article from Like Windows 10, Edge aims to make life simple. The interface is basic, urging […]

How to Use Photos for OS X With Photoshop, Pixelmator and Other Image Editors

Apple’s new Photos app for OS X and iOS is being pitched as being the only photography app you might ever need. Check this article from It enables you to manage your library, edit your images, and then share them to common online services. It’s also fully integrated with iCloud, so you can access […]

Make An Auto-Locking Office Door with Smartphone Proximity Sensor

Pssst – want some high tech protection for your home office, or a secret lock for your “workshop” (ok, you got me, it’s actually a dungeon/gaming room) that the kids won’t be able to figure out? We’ve got you covered. Let’s build a DIY smart lock that automatically detects when you’re there, and locks when you’re not. […]

9 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10 — yet

Windows 10 is just about here—and many users (especially those who have been wrestling with Windows 8) are probably eager to upgrade. But even if you can get it now—the upgrade will be sent first to those who signed up for the Windows Insider beta program and then in “slow waves” to everyone else—you may […]

How to integrate Dropbox, OneDrive, and other cloud storage on your Chromebook

Chromebooks have always made sense for heavy Google services users.  But they’ve been less ideal for devotees of Dropbox, OneDrive, or other cloud storage services, since Google Drive was the only service that talked to the file menu. Check this article from No more. With some simple setup, you can now view and open […]

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