8 Wonderful Weather Apps For Mac, Most Of Them Free

Check out the weather on your Mac. Whether you want to see the weather in your tray, in your dashboard, or in a regular window, there are plenty of Mac programs out there perfect for helping you know what to expect outside, from this article on MakeUseOf.com.

There are many ways to find the weather. You can check Wunderground, or whatever your favorite weather site is, on the web. You could type “weather” into Google. You can fire up your smartphone. Or you could, you know, go outside. But if you want a quick way to check out the weather on your Mac you should check out these apps. They’re all free, so you’ve nothing to lose, and one of them just might be right for you.

Check Out The Weather On Your Desktop

Social Weather

Weather is a great ice breaker in person, but what about when you’re talking to family and friends from far away? Social Weather is a beautiful app for checking the weather where you live, but it’s got another trick – it shows you the weather where your friends are.

Your weather is on the left, other weather shows up on the right. It’s a cool way to passively keep track of what it’s like outside where the people you love are. You can even click your friends to talk to them, if you want.


Bakari pointed out Swacket in his piece outlining 5 free, well-designed Mac Store apps. It’s certainly got a unique look to it:

If you want a weather experience not quite like any other, I recommend you check it out. You might like it.

WeatherMan Lite

This one’s a lot more complete and a bit more straightforward than the two offerings above. If you want a standard Mac window that contains a nearly excessive amount of information about the weather, WeatherMan Lite is worth checking out.

The “lite” version of this app only works with one city. If you want support for multiple cities you can check out the full version, also on the Mac App Store.

This app also offers a fairly complete forecast from the Mac menu bar, so it could easily fit into our next category.

Add The Current Temperature To The Menubar

It seems like something OS X should offer by default – the current temperature, in the Mac Menubar. It doesn’t, but don’t worry – you can add this quickly.


This one couldn’t be simpler: pick a city, see the current temperature. It’s called degrees because that’s all it offers.

Click the icon and you’ll be taken to the weather, on Yahoo. It’s simple, sure, but it’s light weight and completely free so check it out.


Want a little more detail? Check out Meteo. This one fits a lot of weather information into your system tray, meaning a fairly complete overview is only ever a click away.

It’s a great compromise between Weatherman and Degrees – more than just the temperature but less than everything. Read our full review of Meteo, if you’re curious.

Check Out The Weather In The Mac Dashboard

Most Mac users forget the dashboard even exists at this point, but it does. If you like using it, and love knowing what the weather is, you’re in luck – there are a wide variety of weather apps out there for the Mac. Most people know about the default weather widget, but there are more if it doesn’t suite your taste.

Weather Channel Widget

This one’s included on our best of Mac Apps page – the Official Weather Channel OS X Widget. If you like to get your weather from the Weather Channel, this is your widget.


Personally, I prefer Wunderground to the Weather Channel. So I was glad to find this official Wunderground OS X widget.

It’s not as pretty as the default widget, sure, but it offers far more information. I particularly like having a quick way to see local radar.

WeatherBug was long the most famous weather site on the planet, and it’s still used by a lot of people. If you’re one of them be sure to check out the WeatherBug dashboard Widget. Jackson called it a dashboard widget you can’t live without. I can – like I said, I’m sticking with Wunderground – but he says you can’t so decide for yourself.


There you have it – a complete collection of free weather apps for your Mac. If you get caught in a snow storm without your boots it’s entirely not my fault, because I tried to help.

Did I miss anything awesome? As always I need your help, so fill in your fellow readers about any other great Mac weather apps in the comments below.

by: Justin Pot

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