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How to use Microsoft Edge, Windows 10’s new browser

Microsoft’s Edge aspires to be your browser for the modern Web, the board on which you surf the Internet within Windows 10. It’s certainly functional. But how do you use it effectively? We can show you. Check this article from Like Windows 10, Edge aims to make life simple. The interface is basic, urging […]

The Best Alternatives to Google News That Help You Stay Current

In the age of an Edward Snowden-influenced Internet, it would appear that users are becoming far more conscious of their online activity, and how it’s being tracked. Check this article from Alternatives to Google have gained ground in the wake of the revelations by Snowden about how the government tracks online activity, and the role […]

Should You Change Your Skype Password to Avoid a Spam Attack?

For the past three weeks or so, complaints have been trickling in that some Skype accounts are messaging diet pill and pornographic spam to their contacts. It’s not clear how many are affected, although the complaint thread is now 24 pages long. Now, Microsoft is asking users to change their passwords, although there’s still some ambiguity […]

15 tips and tricks to get the most from your LG G4

LG is really playing to its strengths this year with the G4. Samsung ditched the removable battery and SD card slot in the Galaxy S6, so LG is bragging as loudly as it can about retaining these features. It has also cleaned up its software and improved the camera in this year’s flagship. As a […]

3 Unmissable Reasons Opera Is the Right Browser for Your Mac

Chrome and Firefox rule on Windows, but on OS X, Opera is the browser to beat. Check this article from OS X’s native browser, Safari, is excellent. It’s polished and super efficient, and comes with some unique features. But if you’re looking for more flexibility in a browser, Safari falls short. Eternal favorites Chrome and Firefox […]

Skype for Android 5.6 adds ‘Recent’ tab to catch up on all your conversations

If you use Skype for multiple instant-message conversations, you’ll like the version 5.6 update that went live Wednesday.  More information from Skype added a Recents tab, which put more conversations just one touch away. The app also has several visual tweaks, such as round avatars and a status indicator on all the different screens […]

6 New Features and Changes to Facebook You Should Know

Facebook introduces new features all the time, and slowly rolls them out to users. It’s difficult to keep up with all the changes, or know what’s new and useful in the world’s largest social network. So we are revisiting the best things to come from Facebook recently, in case you missed any of them. Check […]

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