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The Best Alternatives to Google News That Help You Stay Current

In the age of an Edward Snowden-influenced Internet, it would appear that users are becoming far more conscious of their online activity, and how it’s being tracked. Check this article from Alternatives to Google have gained ground in the wake of the revelations by Snowden about how the government tracks online activity, and the role […]

Should You Change Your Skype Password to Avoid a Spam Attack?

For the past three weeks or so, complaints have been trickling in that some Skype accounts are messaging diet pill and pornographic spam to their contacts. It’s not clear how many are affected, although the complaint thread is now 24 pages long. Now, Microsoft is asking users to change their passwords, although there’s still some ambiguity […]

6 New Features and Changes to Facebook You Should Know

Facebook introduces new features all the time, and slowly rolls them out to users. It’s difficult to keep up with all the changes, or know what’s new and useful in the world’s largest social network. So we are revisiting the best things to come from Facebook recently, in case you missed any of them. Check […]

Yahoo spent a pretty penny to achieve unusual growth in the second quarter

Yahoo reported on Tuesday an uncharacteristic rise in revenue for the second quarter, but it came with a hefty sum spent on boosting its search traffic. Check this news from Total sales for the period ending June 30 were $1.24 billion, up 15 percent from the previous year. In the company’s announcement, CEO Marissa […]

Facebook tests buy button on Pages to help small businesses sell you stuff

If it seems like every social network wants you to buy more stuff, well, you’re not completely off-base. Now those efforts are moving beyond ads into actual buy buttons, with Pinterest and Twitter piloting efforts to let you buy items straight from your main feed. Facebook is putting its own spin on the shoppable social […]

Instagram: Why You Should Be Using Popular #Emojis

It’s almost impossible to chat online without emojis. In fact, more than half of comments and captions use emojis, according to Instagram software engineer Thomas Dimson. So, let’s not pretend you’re not using those smiley or sad faces in your daily conversations. More information from The proof is in the numbers; over 6 million […]

Eddystone beacons let Google pinpoint exactly where you stand

Google is getting ready to roll out its own Bluetooth-based beacon technology, letting apps and web services pinpoint your exact location. Check out this article from Dubbed Eddystone (apparently after a U.K. lighthouse), the project is a cross-platform answer to Apple’s iBeacon technology that arrived in 2013. It allows small beacon devices to detect […]

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