New Chrome bookmark manager de-clutters your favorite sites

chrome-bookmarks-100527994-largeGoogle’s new bookmark manager gives a much-needed facelift to your favorite websites. Check out this article from

You can grab the new extension from the Chrome Web Store and check out Google’s new solution for the age-old problem of too many bookmarks. When installing, your bookmarks will be transformed into snippets of webpage previews. It’s somewhat of a Material-Design lite revamp, with more white space and larger images. The extension replaces Chrome’s current bookmark manager, which was never that great.

Along with the eye candy there’s more functionality. You get a dedicated bookmarks search bar at the top of the new page. Bookmarks are now neatly tucked into folders, auto-sorted by similar topic. Yet your existing organisational strategy is still in tact, as your current folders are carried over intact.


When you the star a site in the URL bar it now pops up a menu to edit the page name, add details, or select a specific folder. It’s larger than the old tool so it’s easier to spot all the added options.

The new extension only brings the new features to the desktop version of Chrome, but it would be great to some of this work its way over to Chrome for Android. There’s already a nice visual of your most recent sites, so this would be a great addition.

Why this matters: Google’s raison d’ê·tre is collecting and organizing information. And bookmarks is usually one area of your digital life with a lot of information but very little organization. The better Google can tidy up your favorite sites, the happier you’ll be and more likely to stick with Chrome as your browser of choice.

by: Derek Walter

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