Google to dump Google+ in favor of plain old Google Photos on August 1

google-photos-100589753-largeGoogle is officially saying goodbye to Google+ Photos. The move-in date for Google Photos is August 1, and the company is encouraging its Android, iOS, and web users to make the move before then. Check this article from

If you’re still using Google+ Photos, you’ve likely already been prompted to download the new Android app from the Google Play Store. You don’t really have to move any of your photos over, because all your photos and videos are already available on the rebranded Google Photos. The new app lets you backup, edit, and share photos and videos. Google Photos also offers neat features like unlimited storage and automatic organization.

The story behind the story: We knew this was coming. At Google I/O in May, the company announced it would eschew Google+ Photos and break out all your save pictures into a separate Google Photos app and site. It’s a step in the right direction for Google, but it leaves the rest of us wondering what’s going to happen with its social network. One could argue that its photo editing features were one of the few reasons it’s still standing.

It isn’t time to sound off the death march just yet, but something’s gotta give. Google hasn’t done much with Google+ since Senior Vice President, Vic Gundotra, left last year. Though it’s become a useful tool for finding like-minded communities, it doesn’t appear that’s viable enough to keep the social network standing on its own.

by: Florence Ion

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