Google’s Field Trip Android app gets Material Design overhaul

field-trip-in-google-now-100372283-largeField Trip is one of Google’s zanier apps, finding you places to explore that take you beyond the usual tourist trap. More of this latest from

Google’s Niantic Labs (the group behind Ingress) is pushing out a Material Design-friendly version of Field Trip, which reorganizes the interface and pumps in some new content.

The previous version was almost Apple-like in its design, with rounded corners and content displayed on cards that looked sort of like real-word playing cards. That’s all out now, as Field Trip fully embraces Google’s new design language.

Browsing around on the embedded Google Map is a great way to kill some time looking for something to do or just to learn more about a particular region. Field Trip places suggested venues in a carousel at the bottom of the map. You can filter these by category, such as lifestyle, “cool & unique,” or history.

If you’re trying to find a place to quickly grab a drink or some dinner spot, you’re probably still better off with something like Yelp or Google Maps. But Field Trip has a unique spin on the location discovery process, finding places with a story like John’s Grill of San Francisco. If you have time to kill and don’t mind finding something off the typical path, check it out.

The story behind the story: Field Trip suggestions also appear in Google Now, which offers you snippets of what you can get inside the mobile app. Grab Field Trip from the Play Store if you’re interested in learning more about where you live or are tired of relying on the usual user reviews for determining where to visit next.

by: Derek Walter

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