Keyboard Shortcuts to use During PowerPoint Slideshow

I find following keyboard shortcuts quite useful during slideshow of my PowerPoint slides. You may also find them useful.

You must be knowing following shortcuts as they are widely used.

Advance to Next Slide – Mouse Click, Space bar, N, Right Arrow, Down Arrow, Page Down
Return to Previous Slide – Backspace, P, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, Page Up
End Show     ESC, CTRL+Break, Minus, END

But the following ones are not so much widely known:

Go to Slide –   ENTER
Black/Unblack Screen –    B or Period
White/Unwhite Screen –    W or Comma
Show/Hide Pointer  –   A or =
Erase Screen Annotations   –  E
Advance to Hidden Slide –    H

You may want to try out these shortcuts, which could help you remember those during your next presentation!

by: Shrikant Mulik

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