Mailbox on iOS Gets Update With Auto-Swipe and Dropbox Integration

mailbox-update-840x420Mailbox is one of the more popular ways for users to keep track of their never-ending inbox on iOS, aside from Apple’s default mail client, of course. The popular email application has just received a new update that has some really useful features like Dropbox sync and an auto-swipe feature that actually learns the patterns of a user and makes mundane tasks automatic. Check this article from

This is the update that sends the mail client to version 2.0, which is when we see a big shift in version number, like this one, we expect some big changes to come along with it. While Mailbox did not opt for a complete redesign of its user interface like many apps do at this point, the changes it has added are definitely notable, and they made the already beloved app even better.

The new auto-swipe feature, as the name implies, automatically learns the patterns for when a user choose to swipe or snooze their messages, and over time, it will be able to automate these actions, thus saving the user time. This is something we all need, as the overflow of email is something that never seems to end in today’s day and age.

The next cool feature in this update is the inclusion of Dropbox, the company that actually owns Mailbox. With this feature, users can sync setting across their devices, which should make it a little easier to use Mailbox on all of the platforms on which it is available.

The final part of the update is the standard “bug fixes and improvements” we always see from these iOS app updates. Mailbox did not specify exactly what these bugs and improvements were in this case.

by: Dave LeClair

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