Opera Next 15 Brings Chromium Engine, A New UI & Many New Features [Updates]

Opera Next 15 Beta is here, providing sneak peek into the next stable version of the browser. Check out the latest from MakeUseOf.com.

Opera 15’s user interface has been slimmed down with an Omnibox-like bar on top for typing in Web addresses and search. The combined address and search bar gives you a choice of search engines and search suggestions to speed up your browsing.

Speed Dial, Opera’s signature feature, has been refurbished with a brighter look. A simple drag and drop will help you arrange your shortcuts into folders and you can drill down into the mass of shortcuts with a search. Two new features – “Discover” and “Stash” have also been introduced.

Discover is an automatic content aggregator with 13 categories in 32 languages for you to browse and discover what’s breaking in news and entertainment. Stash is a novel feature, and as the name indicates, is a way to temporarily bundle together a bunch of tabs and open them all with a single click. Stash comes with its own resizable preview and search. Opera’s Turbo Mode has been “rebranded” as “Opera Off-Road” with a promise of faster loading speeds.

Despite these significant UI changes, the biggest change is found under the hood. Opera has turned a corner and dropped its age-old Presto Web page rendering engine and has gone for WebKit, the engine used by Safari and Google Chrome. Opera 15 is still in beta and is in continuous development, so do expect to see the finishing touches being applied as user feedback comes in.

What do you think of the revamped Opera 15?

by: Saikat Basu

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