You can now share Dropbox files with Facebook Groups

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that lets Facebook users share their Dropbox files with Facebook Groups. Check out this great news from

To use this feature, Facebook users must first link their Facebook account to their Dropbox account. Once they’ve done this, they’ll be able to share documents, photos, and videos that are stored in their Dropbox folder with their Facebook Groups. Items that are shared from Dropbox will appear on the Group’s wall, and other Group members will be able to like and comment on them.

Earlier this year, Facebook implemented a basic, 25MB-per-upload file-sharing feature for Facebook Groups. With this new Dropbox integration, however, you can share larger files that are stored in the cloud. Any files shared from Dropbox will be viewable on smartphones and tablets, and any updates you make to said files will be automatically shared with the Group—in other words, this new feature makes Facebook Groups sort of a Dropbox extension.

Dropbox engineer Chris Varenhorst said in a blog post that the feature is rolling out starting Wednesday, and that most Facebook users should expect to see it “soon.” Once it’s live, users will be able to choose “From Your Dropbox” when they click “Add File” on a Group wall.
The privacy problem

Dropbox explains in its FAQ that Facebook does not receive other information, and it cannot access your Dropbox account (aside from the files you choose to share).

Dropbox files do, however, appear as links on Facebook Groups’ walls. These links, which can be seen by other members of the Group, can be copied and pasted elsewhere—if a Group member happens to be so indiscriminate. Dropbox stresses that the links cannot be guessed, as Dropbox creates a unique token for each link. Plus, even if the token is guessed, the name of the folder and the files that the link points to would also have to be known before the file was accessible. That said, the privacy issue remains—if someone copies the Dropbox link and posts it elsewhere, anyone can access that file.

by: Daniel Ionescu

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