How to upload PDF and EPUB files into Google Play Books

playbooks_intro-100565162-largeEver get stuck at the bar waiting for your friends to show up? That’s when I usually whip out my tablet and start catching up on reading. And since Google Play Books lets me upload PDFs and ebooks I’ve purchased elsewhere, I’ve always got something new to read on hand. More information from this article on

It’s easy to get your own stuff in the cloud—so easy, that I’m ashamed to admit that I only recently realized that this was even possible.

Log in to your Google account, navigate to Google Play Books, and select My books.

Then, in the top right-hand corner, click on the Upload files button.

From here, you can select files to upload from your computer or from Google Drive.

Thus far, this feature works only with PDF and EPUB files. Files must also be smaller than 100 MB each and feature no DRM protection.

This neat feature works in the Google Play Books app, too. All you have to do is enable PDF uploading in the Settings.

by: Florence Ion

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