How to Use Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

The article explains how keyboard shortcuts can be used in Windows 7 to save time and maximize productivity. The methods compiled here are simple and reliable. It is still recommended that these should be adhered to carefully to avoid facing problems. It will help save time as well as money that would undeniably be spent looking for Microsoft Windows 7 support or Microsoft help options.


To open and run a program as an administrator – click to select the desired program’s icon and then press Ctrl + Shift +left mouse click together to run it as an admin. Proceed with the changes.

To show up Desktop screen instantly- press the Windows and D keys together on the keyboard. Press these two again to return to the previous programs. Or you can use Windows + Spacebar key combination to peep through the windows to see Desktop. This shortcut will make all the windows transparent to let you glace at the Desktop.

To move an active window to any side- use Windows + Up arrow key combination to move an active window to the top. Use Windows + Down arrow key to move the window down. Use Right and Left arrow keys in combination with the Windows key to move a window to the right or left hand side respectively.

To get to the System Tray- press Windows + B keys together to get to the System Tray. Thereafter, use Right, Left, Up, or Down arrow keys to shift between the System Tray items.

To open Windows Task Manager- press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together to quickly access the Task Manager window. Make changes as desired. Press Windows + Tab keys to shift between the Task Manager tabs.

To open Windows Explorer – press Windows + E keys together to bring up Windows Explorer. If you want to create a new folder here, then press Ctrl + Shift + N keys together. You will see a new folder icon, name it, and use as desired.

To launch Command Prompt- press Windows + R keys together to swiftly launch the Command Prompt window.

To launch Windows Mobility Center- use Windows + X key combination to open Windows Mobility Center.

To open System Properties- if you want to know about the specifications viz. operating system version etc. of your computer (better known as system properties), press Windows + PauseBreak keys together.

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