ZyXEL MWR222 Mobile Wireless-N Router

Found this great deal from woot.com. Wireless-N Router that normally costs $120 but this deal only gives you $45. Here’s the product features and specifications.

Turns out you need some equipment to make your internet wireless.

Man, what a headache! I thought I could get wireless internet in my house by just disconnecting all the wires. Turns out you need something like this ZyXEL Mobile Wireless Router or else the whole thing goes to pot. I had to connect this to a power source and an Ethernet cable from my computer.

I know, right? Talk about counter-intuitive!

But after a bit of tinkering, I think I figured it out.

I guess the internet just down right now.

Warranty: 2 Year ZyXEL

Condition: New


  •     Enables business travelers, students and others to stay connected wherever they are, using either Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, and either electrical power or its rechargeable battery
  •     Supports DSL/Cable and 3G/4G connectivity (carrier neutral)
  •     Should your wired connection be interrupted for any reason, the MWR222 will automatically switch to a 3G/4G wireless signal via the user’s Mobile Broadband Adapter modem (for a list of supported 3G/4G modems, click here)
  •     Should electrical power go down, the MWR222 will keep operating via its rechargeable battery for up to two hours
  •     Can serve as a portable hotspot access point enabling you to share your Internet connection with more than 10 other users
  •     Offers two USB ports; the first is available for 3G USB modem support, and the second may be used for future technologies that can enable solution providers to offer services like home monitoring, nanny-cam devises, and home automation and control
  •     Features a SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall that keeps track of the state of network connections and can distinguish legitimate packets for different of connections and block others
  •     Additional security features include anti-DoS (Denial of Service) to keep your connection secure, and features that are easy to set-up like WAP/WPA2 wireless security with one button WPS set-up, NAT firewall, and content filtering and protection.

By: Woot.com

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